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Courtesy Block Agreement

Then welcome to Wedding Room Blocks University! The first of their kind are former hoteliers who have become extraordinary wedding hall blocks. Even if you book or have booked your room block with our service, we will take care of it as well. I did my wedding block in a Hilton and it was similar to what you received. We had to book at least 10 rooms and guarantee that 80% of these rooms would be booked. If they weren`t, we had to pay the difference. We had a lot of owners coming in, so we weren`t afraid we wouldn`t reach the minimum. We booked at least 10 rooms and added more than we needed. If we added more (let`s say we called and said our rooms from 10 to 20), we were still only responsible for the 80% of the rooms we had contracted for, for which there were 10. I assumed that a block of «courtesy» rooms (also known as a block of free rooms) where a hotel agrees to keep a certain number of rooms without charging the host for unsold rooms was common practice. Now that we understand the types of contracts you will encounter when booking a wedding hall block, let`s talk about the benefits. The advantages of booking a block of rooms are called concessions and these are the gifts that the hotel will give you. This may include in-room champagne as a gift, suite upgrades or comp`d suites, VIP guest upgrades, cancelled installation fees, etc.

Some hotels require the bride and groom to be held financially responsible for all non-booked rooms on the block. For example, if you book 40 rooms in the block but only 20 rooms are booked, you are responsible for the other 20! In this case, it is better to initially create only a small block (e.B. 10 rooms). Then let the hotel call you when the block is almost full. You should be able to add coins to the block as the wedding approaches (like 5 at a time). Be sure to ask the hotel if this is possible before signing the contract. Otherwise, it could be a risky endeavor! Trying to give your guests the weekend of a lifetime starts with an amazing hotel experience! They want to make sure they stay in the best place at the best price! That`s why a block of room is so important! courtesy room block, which is the most attractive type of room block for couples. With this type of room block, you don`t have to fill in the reservations for all the rooms in the contract! In short, there is no financial risk when you go in this direction. You still need to sign a contract, but this one only describes the basics such as group room rates/room obligation, deadline, fees for gift bags, and other legalities. The only downside to this option is that you can usually only start with 10 nights per night.

However, if these rooms are full, you may have the option to add more nights if the hotel is not yet full. You will also receive a discounted rate for your guests per group code. A travel planner for destination weddings, as we do here at Yellow Umbrella Events, is essential to the process of blocking the destination wedding venue. This can save you time, a lot of effort and even money! We`ve been doing this for years (facilitating international contact with room blocks) and can help you fully understand and navigate all the ins and outs of your resort`s wedding hall block. And we carefully monitor all your important contract dates for you and work one-on-one with all your guests to help them throughout the booking process. We are happy to help you throughout the process – we even request and prepare your room block contracts for you, even if you are not one of our wedding planning clients! Call us and we will take care of you. And that concludes our lesson! These are the keywords that anyone booking a hotel block should know before booking their room block. I know, I know – conventional wisdom says that the more you buy from something, the lower the price. This is not always the case with room blocks.

Since the resort may offer special discounts (such as a free ceremony and free private event hours, room upgrades, etc.) and may offer other softer payment terms (such as a smaller deposit and longer payment terms for guests), they may not always give you a lower rate for rooms. Sometimes the room rate can actually be a little higher. Since the resort offers these exceptional benefits, sets rates that won`t change for your guests, even if prices go up, and keeps rooms out of inventory for you, in good faith as you book these rooms, these are some of the trade-offs you`ll make to not always get a lower price. Once the rate has been put back into stock, it becomes the current room rate – usually higher than the amount of the negotiated room block, as the original block was booked several months ago when the rates were lower. If your guests still need to book a room, book now outside the block and pay the rate offered by the hotel. Yes, your guests will be super bored. It`s not your fault, it just happens. It also means that once the rooms are gone, they are gone. Your last-minute guests may not have a room to book.

Traditional room blocks require the hotel to book a certain number of rooms until a certain time before your wedding. The hotel will «block» these rooms from sale just so that your guests can make their reservations. For the privilege of locking these rooms, a hotel requires a guarantee in the form of down payments or fluctuation clauses in your contract. Most hotels still offer some of the gifts as if you had booked a regular block of rooms. You can expect a free room for the bride and groom if your wedding guests book more than 250 or 30 rooms at the hotel. Other perks could also include free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, or even a free shuttle to the wedding venue. Unlike the types of contracts mentioned above, a fluctuation block means that there is a financial obligation. In most cases, the commitment is increased to 90%, which means that in a block of 10 pieces for 1 day you guarantee that 9 will book.

Before we go any further, we need to ask: Are you sure you need a hotel room block contract? Many hotels offer free room blocks for groups of less than 30 rooms. The best part is that with this type of coin block, there are usually no deposits or contracts. In addition, hotels often offer a discounted price for these rooms. Then you have to go ahead and book that room – either you`ll pay for it and they`ll pay it back to you, or your best friend`s mom will do it and she`ll pay it back to her – or whatever. But if you know you`re going to need this room and you`re pretty confident that the hotel will be full, you`ll want to take this room at the lowest price you`ve blocked it for. The total bill for guests outside the block for wedding anniversary activities alone was over $9,000. They wouldn`t have paid anything if their guests had booked in the block. We had already talked to A+R about this possibility and they knew in advance that it could happen, so they were ready.

Courtesy room block: Rooms are booked in accordance with the agreement, but you are not required to fill in reservations for all rooms in the agreement! Once you`ve set up a wedding hall block, your guests will pay for their single rooms in your room block. Often, you`ll get a web link to give guests so they can book their rooms, or they can contact your honeymoon planner to help them through the room booking and deposit process. What is the difference between a courtesy room block and a contracted room block? This is a question we are often asked and a subject on which we like to educate our couples! Going down this path may seem like a bad idea, but she`s a woman. Strauss-Goldman said it could have saved our clients money because «it`s certainly always a better price if the block is guaranteed because there`s more bargaining power.» However, if you decide to book a guaranteed room block, you should be careful about how many rooms you want to fill to mitigate your financial risk. We booked our block in December 2018 and our wedding was in August 2019, so we booked it before the six-month mark. But we might have gotten an even lower price if we had booked our block further in advance,» said Lauren Grech, founder of New York-based wedding planning firm LLG Events, which also reserves hotel blocks for guests. «Couples usually get the best rates per year,» she said. But Pamela Strauss-Goldman, founder of Wedaways, a travel agency that specializes in weddings and honeymoons, pointed out that my wife and I might also have thought of asking for a «guaranteed» block of rooms. Here we would have promised to fill a certain number of rooms and agreed to pay for all the rooms that have not been booked. As a general rule, guests must respect 80-90% of their assigned guaranteed room block.


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