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Diagnostic Services Agreement

2.2.1 Occupation. Subject to the provisions of Section 1.2 of these provisions relating to non-exclusive service authorizations approved by the Credentials Committee and the Board of Directors, the professional medical and administrative services to be provided by the contractor are immediately made available to hospital patients and its medical staff at twenty-four hours (24) hours, seven (7) days per week, fifty-two weeks (fifty-two) weeks per year. These services are provided by qualified radiologists employed or retained by the contractor, unless expressly provided otherwise by this agreement. At least one or more radiologists must stay at each facility from 7 a.m.m to 5 p.m.m. Monday to Friday and 7-.m-.m-.m. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. If a mandated radiologist decides to leave the hospital before 12 .m on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the contractor agrees that a radiologist be available in the central reading room for wet PACS readings. For all other hours, at least one (1) on-demand radiologist must be available and answer by telephone within ten (10) minutes, with physical presence in the service required within thirty (30) minutes, unless the two parties agree otherwise. The licensee shall not rely on medical residents for on-call care, unless written authorization from the hospital. The contractor employs at least three (3) radiologists who are regularly assigned to the hospital and ambulance centre and at least one (1) radiologist who is regularly assigned to the ambulatory centre to work full-time in the hospital and outpatient centre and, as required, to remain in the hospital and ambulance centre premises and to be immediately available to the service to provide services. Radiologists who have been assigned to the hospital by the contractor are considered «hospital core radiologists» and spend 60% of their working time in the hospital.

The radiologist, who was assigned by the contractor to the Ambulatory Centre, is considered a «nuclear radiologist outpatient centre» and will spend 40% of his working time in the ambulatory centre, limited to a total of four (4) different radiologists (expected break will be an acceptable variance). The contractor maintains the radiologist`s turnover in good faith and at the best of success. The radiologist`s turnover is taken into account when assessing the contractor`s performance in accordance with this agreement. If, at any time, during the duration of this agreement, the extent and type of radiologist coverage is reasonably considered clinically inadequate by the HOSPITAL`s PEP/administrator or the medical staff executive committee, the contractor must immediately adjust the coverage reasonably requested by the EPP/Administrator Board or the Hospital Medical Staff Executive Board to meet the clinical needs of patients agreed upon by both parties.

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