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Master Data Agreement Cisco

10 abril 2021

The Supplier Privacy and Information Security Exhibit (SPISE) has been replaced by the Master Data Protection Agreement (MDPA), but is retained here for agreements entered into prior to the introduction of the MDPA – it is part of existing agreements where vendor services involve the processing of Cisco user data or where the provider has access to Cisco user data as part of its performance under the Cisco vendor base agreement. The Master Data Protection Agreement (MDPA) replaces the Supplier Privacy and Information Security Exhibit (SPISE) in all new agreements with Cisco. The SPISE is hereinafter maintained for agreements concluded before the introduction of the MDPA. Similar to spise, the MDPA is intended for: systems integrator agreement, service provider agreement, supplier service contract, master purchase contract, master service contract, professional services subcontract, basic supplier agreement, cloud service contract or similar SaaS terms, statement of work, service description or addendum in connection with the purchase of products and/or services, and the license and other applicable agreements to which the Supplier has access to the Protected Data or if the Supplier has access to the Protected Data in the course of its services under the applicable agreement. Protect your data with quantum-resistant MACsec in Cisco switches. Address your top data usage and management priorities. An interactive view of global government data requirements. . How children can learn to be cyber-intelligent in today`s digital world. We work to earn and maintain your trust by sharing our reports, certifications and verification services. Do you work with a trusted partner that offers reliable solutions? Please select the services you provide to Cisco to review the applicable terms and conditions. If there are specific regional legal compliance requirements, these are now documented in this separate document.

. Do not take the bait. Read the infographic to find out what to look for to stay cyber-safe. Procedures and requirements to address vendor security vulnerabilities. Ideas, stories and tips on how to build your future on a foundation of trust and transparency. Insurance requirements for colocation services (PDF – 93 KB). Learn more about the origins of our privacy program and how Cisco is making privacy a business imperative. If the vendor provides professional services to Cisco, the following information refers to the insurance requirements for the services provided. . Use these simple steps to protect the whole family. Vendor Privacy and Information Security Exhibition (PDF – 514 Kb) Learn how Cisco by Webex is the first cloud collaboration platform to be verified by the EU Cloud Code of Conduct. .

Integrate security across processes and technologies to create a reliable network foundation. Procedures and policies required when the vendor provides a result that may include open source technology. . Measure the true value of information security management. Learn about our recommended security and privacy best practices. . Policies, training, and training required by all Cisco vendors to comply with global export laws and regulations. Cisco takes reasonable and achievable steps to ensure workplace safety and protect the environment in all aspects of its operations. To this end, Cisco has established environmental, health and safety requirements that apply to all projects, processes, and procedures, regardless of geographic location. Unfortunately, no results match your search criteria.

Please try again. If your subscription to the Duo Security Services began before November 20, 2019, please use the link below to access the Duo Data Protection Addendum. Supplier shall ensure that it selects the correct tax form for the Cisco company with which it may do business and submit the tax form electronically to its Cisco representative with its completed Global Supplier Registration Package. . Cisco has adopted the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct as the Supplier Code of Conduct. . . .

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