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Purpose Intention To In Order To So That Agreement Disagreement

11 abril 2021

I shouldn`t eat too much instant food, so I`m not going to have serious illnesses some bus passanger choose, in order to go to your office early in the morning to avoid long traffic jams I can explain the best route in google map so that you arrive on time in this city of Conto Dialogue Expression of the disagreement agreement: We think we will hold a big party in our house tomorrow, you come home from the office early to be home with her family at home: She left work early to be home with the children. Shinta so beautiful that Rama loves his Shita begitu cantik sehingga Rama menyintainya I need to drink a lot of fresh water so that I do not dehydrate Catatan: Conjunction (kata hubung) to dan for diikuti oleh phrase (frasa), sedangkan, so that diikuti oleh clause (anak kalimat). I was planning to leave early to see the sunrise in the Bromberg in the morning. I should keep our own home and school at healty Note 1- `in order to` and `so as to` are more often before verbs like: I buy you a new laptop so I can search for a lot of information on the internet. I plan to buy my brother a new toy car that I never had to eat different types of healthy foods, to stay healthy, I have to wait ten minutes on the ticket office to get a good place at the cinema Some people in a big city are planning to leave their place late in the evening to avoid traffic jams on the road He works very hard every day to be able to support his family need my intention My intention is to be an intelligent student, so I will not disappoint my father you have to come to the party so you can meet him. «In order to» berarti supaya/agar, biasanya setelah frasa ini kemudian diikuti dengan Verb atau be untuk nominal sentence. Berikut ini adalah contoh kalimat dari: I should eat enough fruits and vegetables for me to heal, I went slowly into the room not to wake her baby, I will take money tomorrow at the ATM so that I have enough money to buy something in the store. So we can also use «around» or «so.» It is very important to know so that we can use the right expression. Thank you. Thank you.

Aditya Syaefuloh9G «So that» berarti sehingga, biasanya setelah frasa ini diikuti oleh subjek. Berikut ini adalah contoh dari kalimat, so that: I learn English at school, so that I speak good English with tourists you practice badminton diligently to win the contest. She came to the hospital yesterday to meet with the doctor to get some medication. My intention is to help my mother in the kitchen, the best thing I can do, I look pale. I need to see the doctor to get help, I take some cookies, so I have a snack to see the movie at Ambarukmo Plaza.

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