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Residential Tenancy Agreement Caravan Parks

11 abril 2021

The owners of caravan parks charge the rent. The owner of a caravan is paid for rent. Sometimes the owner of the park and the owner of the caravan are the same person, so the rent and rental costs are combined. The owner/manager of the park is responsible for both the maintenance of the caravan park and all caravans in the park that belong to them. The owner of the caravan is responsible for the maintenance of your caravan. If repairs are required, the steps to follow depend on the urgency or not of the repair. If one of the parties feels that the terms of its agreement have been violated, it should speak with the other party and try to reach an agreement. If a short-term agreement is not possible, any party may withdraw in writing. In the case of a long-term lease, any party may issue a notice of compensation for infringements (form 11). The case can also be prosecuted through the RTA`s dispute resolution service and by the court by filing a dispute settlement application (form 16) with the RTA. An exit message is not an eviction announcement. The owner/manager of the park may let you (or a visitor of yours) tell you to leave the park if they have legitimate reasons to believe that you have committed a serious act of violence or that you are a danger to others in the caravan park. Unless you have a «reasonable apology» under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, the owner/manager can enter your caravan or location only with a notice of entry or if you have given your consent.

If you terminate the sales contract, you will be treated as if you never signed it. You will get back all the money you paid for the mobile apartment, including the deposit. Larger parks have a committee, but they are recommended for all parks. Your contract may apply for a fixed term or a periodic lease. If the problem is not urgent, send a notice to your park or caravan owner to the owner of Caravan or Caravan Park. This gives your park or caravan owner 14 days to fix the problem. This form is available from Consumer Affairs Victoria. If the problem is not fixed within 14 days, contact us for a consultation.

All residents of the Victorian caravan park have legal rights. This practical guide describes the rights of the inhabitants of the Victorian caravan park. It also provides helpful tips to ensure that your caravan park or caravan owners respect these rights.

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