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Thomas Jefferson Quote On Disagreement

13 abril 2021

What would Thomas Jefferson say today? Which side of the story would it be on? What are the deeds and words that would be too dear to him to ignore? I`ll leave you another quote from Jefferson to help you make your decision. I`m in college and I live in an apartment. After the presidential election, my friend took the political sign from my neighbors out of their door and put a post-it note with this quote. I moved yesterday, and it`s still 2 months later. Perhaps the important lesson that modern society can learn from this quotation is not that we should all neglect only subjects with which we disagree in a spirit of friendship, but that we should continue to fight with the means at our disposal. Our friendships and relationships can be diverse and meaningful, even if we disagree, but that doesn`t mean we have to appease, admit or capitulate. Jefferson`s richest friendships came with those he had in common, but the most interesting were probably those he did not have. A «political difference of opinion» is not a small disagreement. This could mean that you do not believe that homosexuals should have the right to marry, or that trans people are not valid, or that the children of immigrants must be in cages, or something as monstrous and hateful as it makes me sick to write about it. A «political difference of opinion» is not just about what is funded, it is a matter of acceptance and compassion, and if you don`t have it in your heart, you have no place in my life.

«but seriously, fuck enjohn adams.» – thomas jefferson Back to the quote: What does Jefferson really tell us in his letter to Hamilton? Does he want everyone to forgive and forget? Does it offer a simple appeasement for those who are concerned with the competing political opinions of their friends? Or is it much deeper? You see, even before he writes the quotation used for such a variety of intentions, he says first: I do not like this quote. It is well-intentioned, and in a friendlier, more reasonable world, it would be applicable. But in today`s politics and in what is put to the vote and discussed, I do not think this quote is true. The meme: Ah, a quote from Thomas Jefferson, and yes, this time he really said it, which is refreshing. This quote once again makes the rounds of politically divided social media accounts in our politically divided nation. Depending on how you look at it (and to the person making the quote), it`s either a beautiful expression of friendship that conveys a desire to heal the ruptures that separate us, or it`s a convenient excuse to keep unpopular opinions and want everyone to stop giving you a difficult time.

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