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Agreement In Principle Principality

9 septiembre 2021

After the death of the last descendant of the founders of the Principality of Rostislavich Brothers – Vladimir II in 1199, the Halychians began negotiations with the sons of his sister (daughter of Jaroslaw Osmomysl) and the legendary Prince Igor (main hero of the poem The Story of Igor`s Campaign) for the succession of the Haslychic throne. But the Romanesque prince of Volodymir with the help of Prince Leszek the White managed to conquer Halych despite strong resistance from the inhabitants. [19] After the next six years, it took a period of continuous repression against the nobility and active citizens, as well as an important territorial and political expansion that transformed Halych into the main center of all Russia. The Volhynic Principality was united with La Halytchie, but this time the new center of the Principality of Galicia-Volhynia became halytsch. Contrary to the will of Jaroslaw Osmomysl, who left the throne to his younger son Oleg, the Halychians invited his brother Vladimir II Yaroslavich and, later, after the conflict with him, Roman the Great, Prince of Wolodymyr. But almost immediately, Roman was replaced by Andrew – the son of the King of Hungary Bela III. The reason for this election was total freedom of government, guaranteed by Béla and Andreas to the Halychians. [17] This period can be seen as the first experience of self-management by nobles and citizens. However, the vulgar behavior of the Hungarian garrison and its attempts to install Roman Catholic rites[18] led to a new change of mood and Vladimir II returned to the throne that reigned in Halych for the next decade until 1199. . .

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