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Agreement On Price Assurance And Farm Services Bill 2020 Pdf

10 septiembre 2021

A farmer is defined as a person who produces agricultural products himself or with the help of salaried workers. These include producer organisations which are associations or groups of farmers registered or encouraged in accordance with central or regional government laws or programmes. The minimum duration of these Conventions shall be a harvest season or a production cycle for animals, the maximum duration of which shall be five years. If the production cycle of an agricultural product can be beyond five years, the maximum period may be set by mutual agreement between the farmer and the sponsor and expressly mentioned in the agreement. The central government can issue directives, as well as model agricultural agreements, as it sees fit. There have been national protests by peasants – notably in Haryana, Punjab and Western Uttar Pradesh – against the three laws that the government says will open up the agricultural sector to private investors and global markets. If such a structure is not removed by the promoter, its ownership shall belong to the farmer after the conclusion of the agreement or at the end of the term of the contract. Quality, content and standards relating to pesticide residues, food safety, «good agricultural practices» and «labour and social development» can also be included in the agreement. The Parties may require that such mutually acceptable qualities, qualities and standards be checked and certified during the cultivation or rearing process or at the time of delivery by third parties. [12]. F.No 26011/3/2020-2020-2020-M.II., Agricultural Marketing Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers` Welfare, 5 June 2020.


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