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Allied Health Professionals (Tasmanian State Service) Agreement 2016

11 septiembre 2021

(b) In the absence of an agreement between the Union and the health services on the request for consolidation, a request for settlement of the dispute under clause 9 may be submitted to FWC – settlement of this arbitration award, iv) In the community health sector, a chief psychologist (regardless of his name) manages and directs a programme, including psychologists and/or other health professionals. (a) When a person registered as a psychologist at the PBA with at least five years of professional experience as a grade 2 psychologist (or equivalent) complies with the code of ethics and legal requirements of the psychology profession. Can take care of masters or doctoral students with a provisional registration in a health service. Overtime worked by scientists and health professionals is taken off during normal working hours, i.e. one hour for every hour worked.

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