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Anu Enterprise Agreement

11 septiembre 2021

Since this proposed change to the planned salary increase is an amendment to the company agreement, it requires the approval of the majority of employees. A copy of the varied agreement is now available live and available on the Company Agreement website: For more information on the process of amending the company agreement, click here: 56.2. By appointment, the university and the staff, and if the employee chooses his union or staff representative, may vary the termination provisions provided for in this clause. The Vice-Chancellor pointed out that together we have already made some progress in deferralling capital projects where we can reasonably do so, and we have made considerable savings by reducing travel. With the support of our Council, we are borrowing money to prudently spread some of our current costs into the future. The proposed variant responds to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial health of the university and follows positive feedback from staff. 23.3. The salary increases indicated in the following table apply to all employees of the university covered by this Agreement: 23.5. A level A staff member shall receive a salary of at least level A2. 23.1. Wages (including overtime and any special charges) shall be paid every two weeks on 23.4.

The revised rates are set out in Annex 1, 2, 3 and clause 12 as follows: 56.11. If an officer agrees to reinstate a position with a lower classification, the salary may be paid up to 26 weeks for qualified staff and up to 12 months for academic staff at the rate of pay prior to the transfer. Salaries – apprentices and apprentice technical officers. 23.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the University may propose deferred salary agreements, in accordance with University Policy. 56.12. An officer who does not agree with the suitability of another proposed appropriate reintegration position may apply for a review of the decision in accordance with section 73. 23.14. Apprentices employed under point 14.8 (employment programs) receive a sentence according to the following table: 65, subject to the university`s satisfaction with benefit 56.16. A staff member may ask the Personal Director to extend the notice period and/or the period for reinstatement if the staff member has taken personal/sick leave during one of these periods.

Director – Human Resources will not inappropriately reject these requests. In case of acceptance, the termination is extended by the period of leave covered by a medical certificate (up to a maximum of six weeks). 56.3. In applying the provisions relating to dismissal, the university shall act in accordance with the amended provisions (paragraph 68). .

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