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Equestrian Tenancy Agreement

19 septiembre 2021

Entering into a formal agreement if you are renting your country for any purpose is good practice, especially if the agreement is likely to last several years. By writing something, everyone who inherits or buys the country knows exactly what was agreed upon instead of relying on anecdotal evidence – or other people`s memories. If you are leasing land to a recreational rider to graze his horses, you should consider a grazing contract, a common law lease, or a profit contract to Take. If the horses are part of a commercial establishment, a commercial lease (with Part II-Opt-out) is the safest option, or you can consider an agricultural lease, but only if the pasture is completely separate from the activity. Whatever agreement you defend, make sure it is properly worded to avoid problems in the wider area. Since dogs and horses can be an ephemeral combination, it is advisable to indicate which breeds of dogs are allowed on the site, if any. Other points to consider are changes in installation, slurry management and panels. That agreement was concluded in such a way that it contains provisions relating to the maintenance of agricultural land and, in particular, to equestrian activities. If the tenant wants to set up part of his business on your land (including training and training) and the pasture therefore becomes incidental to this activity, you can grant a business rental agreement. The notes on each document page contain examples of when it might be useful to use the document. The lease is not appropriate if the tenant horses or ponies for commercial reasons (e.g. .

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